Would you like some karma with your coffee?

Bistro 8Can a coffee shop have karma? It definitely looks like. Tucked away in a corner of Prague 7, next to Letna Park (the exact address is Veverkova 8) is a little coffee place with a soul. Packed with homemade cakes this place is a magnet for people. Reading my Kindle by the window I see it in the face of people walking by. Shop after shop they walk the anonymous street of Veverkova until they happen in front of Bistro 8‘s big windows; there they pause for a few seconds and find themselves in another dimension already. It’s very difficult to resist the call to enter: it’s like a kid being invited in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The place has grace like a corner of Paris or as if it was run by Amelie Poulain, maybe a reflex of the charming touch of the young ladies that actually run the place together with the store manager, the only man. Amelie

I never understood why in most coffee places in Prague the offer is always the same: every single one of them serves almost invariably bad coffee and the same kind of industrial honey cakes that are so high in sugar that, no joke, I had to stop eating them cause they gave me headaches! How is one supposed to prefer one coffee place from another if they all serve the same (bad!) stuff? But Bistro 8’s heart is as far from these average kavarnas as it possibly could. Coffee is prepared with care and cakes, all of which are homemade, are never too sweet. The bakers come in (I guess) from the floor above with fresh deliveries at every hour and besides the strudel staple the offer keeps changing and never disappoints. This is also one of the few places I found, besides specialized cajovne, to serve amazing leafy tea. But the place isn’t only for those with a sweet tooth: the offer also includes some excellent polevkas, frittata, quiche, homemade lemonades which make it a good spot also at lunchtime.

During the good season, which is now unfortunately over, people sit and chat on the few benches outside. Prague 7 is my neighborhood and I love these places that bring these otherwise grey alleys to life. Oh, and as bonus point, the place is also non-smoking too. Well done Bistro 8!

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