The map of beer prices in Prague

Prague beer mapWe’re talking about Prague, is anybody surprised that the first post is about beer? Plzen, the town where the world famed lager beer was first produced, is only 90km from Prague.

For everybody’s delight, this beer is so commonly served around Czech Republic, that it’s almost impossible to avoid drinking. That said, prices may vary considerably, and although at current rates it hardly makes a big difference on any tourist’s budget, I don’t know about you, but I dislike being charged double for the same thing.

To help finding your way around Prague pubs, Nelso, a local search site, has come up with this cute map of beer prices.

Although the beer subject really deserves a post of its own, the most widely available beers in Prague are Pilsner Urquell (more full-bodied, stronger flavour) and Gambrinus (lighter and more drinkable, and a personal favourite of mine). For the fans of dark beers you can try Krusovice or the sweeter Kozel.

Cheers… or as they say here na zdravĂ­!

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