The fashionista’s guide to shopping in Prague

If you’re spending holidays in Prague and you happen to be a fashion victim, beware: you may want to start by putting away your fancy pink-framed glasses. After all, this isn’t Paris and you’ll notice the street style is far less glamorous than what you’d guess by flipping through the Czech edition of Elle magazine.

Showroom Luciela TaschenBut we recommend not to rush your judgement on Czech fashion from what you see in the streets. Prague has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping, from small local brands to high-end boutiques. For historical reasons one of the first shops you should pay a visit to is Bata, probably the oldest and the most famous shoe brand in Europe which offers “the right shoe for everyone”. Sounds cliché, right? Maybe in the age of fast-fashion, but at the end of 19th century, when Bata was born, the philosophy was very progressive.

A century later, the same vision is back with brands like H&M, American Apparel, Zara, probably the most favorite among Czech fashion bloggers, the new wave of trend setters for the Internet era. Fashion Picanteria, Danny Rose and Heels in Prague are just some of the many young ladies attracted by the low prices and the ease these brands offer to mix and match their wares with the real treasures of Czech design. Jelení šperky (“Deer Jewelry”) is probably the most favorite of such treasures: the jewelry by Bára Vogeltanzová has a simple concept built around the shape of a deer turned into brooches, necklaces, and earrings embroidered or encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The deers are cute and playful, and make for a great gift, so if you’re looking for something unique, shop online or find your new pet-deer at the nearest reseller. A greater variety of alternative fashion can be found at Pour Pour: leather satchels in neon colors, acrylic animal pendants, fluffy tutu skirts, and apparel by the Czech brand Zajaty. Most things are handmade and available only in one piece, so you’d better hurry and get yourself something nice. Another place to love is the tiny-and-crowded fashion boutique Parazit (“Parasite”) that has infected the locals as well as Prague’s visitors; it’s no surprise: the ladies’ collection has a nice bohemian feel and borrows from pop-art, retro, and ethnic style. You can’t go wrong with their unisex accessories either. Prices at Parazit are relatively low, so you won’t need to worry about your budget. But what about fashionistas with the bug of high-end design? Your answer is Hard de Core: a showroom meets gallery with jewelry, shoes, and clothes focused on local designers as well as interior decor from international brands. It’s no surprise that Hard de Core’s creative director is Josefina Bakošová, the founder designer of chi-chi; chi-chi’s pieces are known for their comfortable and asymmetric cuts, urban style, and the contrast between elegant and sporty elements. Another little gem is Showroom Luciela Taschen that specializes in handmade bags of felt and leather and also offers a bespoke service so that if you don’t find the color of bag to match the boots you can always have a bag made just for you. The shop also stocks other local Czech brands so it always makes for an interesting visit.

Luciela Taschen bagsBut Prague is also a city with a good track of fashion events. One such events is Arcolor that takes place in the streets of Prague every summer and promotes new talents. The models walk three kilometers around the city, like a short fashion marathon, making the art of young designers readily accessible to regular people and tourists of the golden city. Until recently, the city was missing any sort of pop-up stores, but no more thanks to Minty Concept Club. Minty’s Gallery has organized many events and pop-ups in collaboration with local designers and international brands such as the Bikini Caravan event that introduced Natalia Steklová‘s organic bags together with swimwear by vitamin A. What makes the events special is the focus on a fashion-conscious lifestyle with a friendly atmosphere. It might surprise you that Prague doesn’t have any fashion week yet, but the Prague Fashion Weekend held in Spring and Fall is a nice way to get a feeling for Czech design in almost thirty individual fashion shows. Want to hear another good reason to go? The tickets are as low as €10 and you get the chance to meet the most famous Czech supermodels such as Simona Krainová or Dior Homme’s sweetheart Šimon Kotyk.

Czech fashion has come a long way, redeeming itself from its Bata beginnings. Current Czech designers have a lot to offer with their handmade items, fresh looks, relaxed feel and a touch of humor, filling a big gap in Czech culture. Paris beware, Czech fashion is coming!

Photos by Vendula Fantova. Courtesy of Showroom Luciela Taschen

Shops & Boutiques

Showroom Luciela Taschen
Veverkova 6, Praha 7
Mon – Wed 14 – 19

Jelení šperky
U Rajské zahrady 8, Praha 3
Mon – Fri 9 – 17

Pour Pour
Vinohradská 74, Praha 3
Mon – Fri 11 – 19
Sun – Sat 11 – 17

Karlova 25, Praha 1 (Passage Alternatiff)
Mon – Sat 11 – 19

Hard de Core / Chi-Chi
Senovážné nám. 10, Praha 1
Mon – Fri 11 – 19
Sun 11 – 17

Minty Concept Club
Hastalska 1, Praha 1
Tue – Fri 11 – 18
Sat 13 – 18


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