7 unusual souvenirs from Prague

VincentkaWhile Russians think they can fix everything with vodka, Czechs think they can heal everything with Vincentka. This might as well be the world champion of mineral waters and it’s been recommended by physicians to help cure cough with phlegm and by pub owners to help recover from hangover. Nowadays it’s used and bottled for about everything and in every format from nose sprays to body creams to syrups.

Pastika is the Czech translation of French paté but made with chicken instead of goose. Czechs love it with white bread and even I used to have it for lunch sometimes… one of the early bad habits I picked up, until a friend of mine made me notice it sold for less than dog food.

Manufactured since 1949 Prim watches were on almost everybody’s wrist. Now they make some expensive retro-designed pieces that have collected design awards around the world.

Even at times when everybody was supposed to be equal, two persons stood out as a little more equal: Karel Gott and Helena Vondrackova. Nowadays, while still wildly popular and with a divine-like status, their songsHelena Vondrackova are not frequently aired on radio. Their music has been the soundtrack of Czech Republic up to the Velvet Revolution and listening it brings forward that melancholic feeling of the times. In Vaclavske namesti you might buy one of their (many) CD at Bontonland.

Czech Sugar CubesSugar cubes now are made everywhere but the Czechs never cease to take pride with inventing them, so if you want to grab a box of the local ones make sure you get those made by Cukrovary a lihovary TTD, with pretty card seed shapes and available in all the Billa and Albert groceries of the country.

You say Coca-Cola, I say Kofola.This was a drink that was invented as a way to find a use of the excess caffeine produced by roasting coffee. Nowadays it’s still a Czech favorite only second in sales after Coca-Cola but before Pepsi.

I like to call it pork nutella, but it’s scientific name here is skvarkova pomazanka. Basically it’s a pork fat spread with fried crunchy meat chunks that some still have occasionally for dinner. If you have a heart condition STAY AWAY FROM THIS THING!

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Kate Ross
Kate Ross

I can recommend you visit the Museum/ shop of Garnet ( Prague 1, Panska 6) it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass. Granat Turnov made jewelry in sterling silver and gold. I think it's good souvenirs from Czech.


pork nutella :)) that is brilliant! i will absorb that into my vocabulary, thank you very much!

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