Prague’s cubist museum

Kiss of DeathOf all the museums in Prague, the Cubist Museum, despite its central position, is the  easiest to miss. Just a hundred meters from Old Town Square (Staromestska) the museum is hosted in the House of the Black Madonna, named after the statue of the Madonna and Child visible on a corner the building.

The building is itself cubist, one of the few left in Prague, and also houses a beautiful gift shop called Kubista and the bar-cafeteria Grand Cafe Orient all furnished in cubist style.

The museum hosts works by Emil Filla, Bohumil Kubista, Vincenc Beneš, Josef Čapek, Antonín Procházka, Václav shovel, Jan Zrzavý, Otakar Nejedlý, and Otakar Kubin. Regarding sculpture, Otto Gutfreund is the most represented artist.

On exhibition are also some pieces of furniture (chairs and sofas) and ceramics; without doubt my favorite work is the painting The Kiss of Death by Bohumil Kubista, which alone justifies a visit to the museum.

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The Cubist Museum has been closed. The collection is now at Veletržní palác.

lbolognini moderator

@mivvy thanks for the heads-up! Since when? Last time I have been at Veletrzni Museum (a month ago) I haven't seen the Kiss of Death on display there. But anyway this is going to make Veletrzni Museum even more worth visiting.


@lbolognini @mivvy 

I am not quite sure since when it was closed. I know it was closed in Novemebr 2012. Then I went to see if the Kubista Gallery (the shop specializing in cubist items) was still open because I wrote an article about it. That is still open. I don't know if the Kiss of Death is currently on display in Vletrzni, but I did see some of the furniture that used to be in the cubist museum.

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