Prague Beer Museum: is it Stendhal syndrome or am I just drunk?

In the year 1817 the French writer Stendhal went on a journey through Italy; in Florence, while exposed to the vast amounts of incredibly beautiful art he started feeling dizzy and fainted: this sense of overwhelming by beautiful stuff has been called Stendhal syndrome.

Prague Beer MuseumWhile the museum in the name might confuse some into thinking that they’ll be taking a beer-making tour or at least be shown some brewing tools, the place is, quite refreshingly, just a pub. But where it differentiates substantially from a regular pub is with the amount of choice offered on tap: an impressive 30 beers!

Most interestingly one can choose to have flights of beer consisting of 5 or 10 different pivo served by the 15cl (about half of a small beer) and, if you’re not in a rush, and share a geek heart with me, take the time to choose the beers carefully by reading their descriptions on the menu.

Among the beers on offer some true gems such as Kout na Sumave, Primator Weiss, Matuška, unfiltered Záviš and many others. With all these beers off the beaten-path they justly serve Pilsner Urquell only for the sake of completeness and as a last resort for narrow-minded guests that can’t enjoy a Czech beer adventure.

Should I drink this one or that one? That’s the only problem you might have in such a place. But when in doubt, just ask the English-speaking staff that never showed any sign of annoyance by my requests of help in choosing the next pivo.

And remember if you start feeling dizzy, despite the many brewed masterpieces, it’s probably not Stendhal syndrome, it’s just time to go home: you’re getting drunk! 😉

Prague Beer Museum is in Dlouha 46, Prague 1

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