Christmas markets in Prague

It’s that time of the year again and tour operators from our and neighboring galaxies unite to start selling Christmas and New Year packages for Prague, drawing on the heart warming (and butt-freezing) image of Christmas markets in Central Europe.

The problem is that, at least in the case of Prague, you shouldn’t plan your holiday around this as you will be most certainly done in half ad hour, having bought a sort of fried pizza they call langose or a trdlo, both of which are really delicious but (case in point for the trdlo) on whose belonging to the Czech tradition even most locals doubt. Despite lacking typicality the Christmas markets are not a complete scam like, instead, the flea market in Kolbenova, as a recent post by Antiques Diva concludes.

However, if you really feel adventurous and have a car and a navigator handy you could try explore the Bustehrad market (see the market’s calendar) that some say is the best in its class. I had the chance to visit it last week on Saturday and I wasn’t amazed but was assured by the guardian at the entrance (it’s free by the way) that we should have gone on Friday as that’s the big day in Bustehrad.

Compared to the other antique shops in Prague such as the one next to Holesovice metro station (easy to reach, with a good collection of lamps) or the one behind Deloitte’s offices (closest tram stop Karlinske namesti, take n. 8 or 24) the prices at the Bustehrad market seemed considerably lower so it might be worth another try. And while you’re here, if you know a place where they sell nice prints of Eastern European artists, you’re welcome to leave a comment below 😉

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