Brno off the beaten path

Being the second Czech city, Brno is definitely worth a visit, especially if you enjoy unconventional sightseeing and want a sneak-peak of life outside Prague. So here comes a suggestion of things that wait for you in Brno by our guest writer Michal Kašpárek.

Inspiring functionalist architecture The famous Tugendhat Villa is closed for maintenance but there are several more beautiful examples of 1920s and 1930s functionalist architecture: Hotel Avion (the thinnest hotel in Europe), the Café Era (reopened in December 2009, after decades), the main Post Office and the Crematory.
Student clubs and diverse night life
Brno is known as a university town, which means that it offers an interesting night life -especially from September to May (Wednesday through Friday).
Out of the many clubs filled with friendly, young and curious people give a try to Fléda, Alterna, Pomalý bar or Terč. Also you can get great yet affordable kebab or take-away pizza all over the town and beer prices are even lower than in Prague. Which brings us to…
Beer you can’t get anywhere else Brno is the capital of Moravia, which is a region known mostly for great wine, but that in recent years has become home to  many micro breweries producing excellent beer. Try out the legendary pub Bláhovka in Gorkého street, the rare Dalešické beer served at the Zelená kočka pub in Solniční street and the local beer Pegas in the nearby Jakubská st.
Magical music With its renowed Janáček Academy, the philharmonic orchestra and the many jazz clubs and rock bars, lot’s of people visit Brno every year to enjoy great music at reasonable prices.
Leoš Janáček (1854-1928) was the most popular Czech composer of the 20th century, known mostly for his operas The Makropoulos Affair or Her Stepdaughter, as well as  the orchestral works Lachian Dances, Moravian Dances, Taras Bulba and Sinfonietta, inspired by Brno itself. A festival dedicated to Leoš Janáček takes place in Brno every autumn.
Beautiful parks Large parks all around the center make Brno beautiful in every season, but mostly in Spring and Autumn. The Lužánky park is the oldest city public park in the Czech Republic, established in the 1770s. Špilberk castle is surrounded by a large park offering a great panoramic view of Brno. Live music is often played in the park next to the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral – known as one of the most beautiful examples of modern landscape gardening in Central Europe.

By the way, the people of Brno have a funny dialect, called hantec – so if you go there, remember two words: džusblus (hello) and špica (excellent). See you – džusblus!

Michal Kašpárek is a blogger based in Brno. You can enjoy his website at and get his guide to Brno nightlife and clubbing or to pubs and beer in Brno.

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What's the name of the Bar opposite Pegas Pivovary? I begins with a 'P' and sells Kozel.

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