Jaroslav Panuska Culture

Six incredible Czech artists under one roof

As a visitor to Prague it is difficult to ignore the prominence of artists such as Alfons Mucha. Yet, while Mucha’s work sets him apart from the other artists and his Slav Epic projects him up there in company of […]

Libuse the Prophetess History & Curiosities

Visions of glory: the legend of how Prague was born

Like all good tales the foundation of Prague begins with a love story. The main character of this story is a princess with something extraordinary: she was a visionary, a prophet. In one of her visions she saw a great city to […]

Svejk Republic Culture

Svejk Republic

Perhaps all of you know the satirical story of the brave soldier Svejk and his adventures: the funny guy who makes his way trough the perils of the war with a smile, big loud mouth, unquenchable thirst for beer and […]

Americans' survival guide to Prague Tips

Americans’ survival guide to Prague

Prague has been a popular destination for Americans ever since the fall of communism in 1989. The early ’90s saw a huge influx of young Americans that caused quite a stir at the time and spawned dozens of articles about […]

Prague ugly ducklings Sightseeing

Prague’s ugly ducklings

Prague is well known for its stunning, breathtaking beauty, majestic architectural marvels and the almost fantasy-land feeling it causes when you stroll its narrow streets, walk around and inside its medieval castles, churches, halls and cathedrals. Cross the mesmerizing Charles […]

Street performance in Prague Culture

The other Prague art scene

Such a magical city like Prague has a lot to offer for anyone, whatever their cultural interests. This is especially true for anyone that has more than a passing interest for music: from fantastic opera halls with vibrant acoustics to […]

Czech fashion featured image Shopping

The fashionista’s guide to shopping in Prague

If you’re spending holidays in Prague and you happen to be a fashion victim, beware: you may want to start by putting away your fancy pink-framed glasses. After all, this isn’t Paris and you’ll notice the street style is far […]

Burger Symphony featured image Food & Drink

A Burger Symphony in Prague

When Brewsta placed The Tavern at the second place of his yearly roundup of the best burgers in Prague I had to go try number one. For me The Tavern had already won the Burger Olympics gold medal when they […]

David Cerny statues in Prague Sightseeing

A tour of David Cerny’s Prague

The guy has a name! He once pissed off the whole European Union with Entropa a piece in which the EU is represented as a sum of nationalisms anticipating by years the divisions highlighted by the global financial crisis. In […]

Crazy things to do in Prague Activities

Crazy things to do in Prague

Are you one of those free spirits who feels uncomfortable spending their vacation in the guided group, are you willing to explore the secrets and to feel the atmosphere of the city breaking free from the flock? If so, read […]

Bistro 8 feat Food & Drink

Would you like some karma with your coffee?

Can a coffee shop have karma? It definitely looks like. Tucked away in a corner of Prague 7, next to Letna Park (the exact address is Veverkova 8) is a little coffee place with a soul. Packed with homemade cakes […]

Italians' survival guide to Prague Tips

Italians’ survival guide to Prague

Italians and Prague, spaghetti and astronomical clocks. No doubt: Italians love Praga; in Spring, as the snow melts on the alpine passes they come screaming in hordes, wearing flashy sunglasses and jackets good for Arctic sled racing. Italians love to […]

Prague National Technical Museum History & Curiosities

A Visit to Prague National Technical Museum

It’s a real pity that Prague visitors often leave having experienced the city only by its although considerable architectural marvels and little else. Just recently I had the chance to ask a group of students in visit to the Czech […]

Prague beer adventure Food & Drink

A Czech beer adventure in Prague

Like Kafka and Prague Castle, Czech beer is one of these things you can’t miss when you visit Prague and a matter of national pride. Let me invite you to this little quirky beer adventure around town. Our journey begins […]

A tiny overview of Czech design History & Curiosities

A tiny overview of Czech design

Despite what you might think when you look at a Skoda, the Czechs are quite proud of their iconic design and for good reason. When Cubism was all the rage in Europe, Czech artists, showing a glimpse of their nation’s […]

Visiting Prague before the world ends Sightseeing

Visiting Prague before the world ends

The next 28th of October will be the ninetythird anniversary of the Czechoslovakian independence day from the Austro-Hungarian empire and, coincidentally, by some accounts, mark the real end of the creation cycle by the Mayan calendar. Since landing in Prague […]

Prague sunset Food & Drink

The last tea before a Prague sunset

I remember the first time I walked by this building; the tower commands attention or, rather, it captures it. Is it one hundred, or two hundred years old? You can’t precisely assess it. And what happened here? It’s like the […]

Magic Prague History & Curiosities

Magic Prague

Not all treasures glow and shine, some bring back shadows and ghosts from the past. Magic Prague is like one of these dusty old books that curious kids find in movies and that open them doors to other worlds and […]

Unusual souvenirs from Prague History & Curiosities

7 unusual souvenirs from Prague

While Russians think they can fix everything with vodka, Czechs think they can heal everything with Vincentka. This might as well be the world champion of mineral waters and it’s been recommended by physicians to help cure cough with phlegm […]

Prague's best espresso Food & Drink

Prague’s best coffee, bar none!

Unfortunately Prague and coffee don’t go hand in hand like Prague and beer. Czech Republic is a country where, until not too long ago, the standard coffee served was in Turkish style; if you ever fancy trying it while you’re […]

Brno off beaten path Activities

Brno off the beaten path

Being the second Czech city, Brno is definitely worth a visit, especially if you enjoy unconventional sightseeing and want a sneak-peak of life outside Prague. So here comes a suggestion of things that wait for you in Brno by our […]

So you live in Czechoslovakia? History & Curiosities

So you live in Czechoslovakia?

Explaining to people back home that this is Czech Republic can be hard: most of them went to school in a time when big USSR maps were hanging on the walls; Eastern Europe was a little bit like the world […]

Christmas Markets in Prague Tips

Christmas markets in Prague

It’s that time of the year again and tour operators from our and neighboring galaxies unite to start selling Christmas and New Year packages for Prague, drawing on the heart warming (and butt-freezing) image of Christmas markets in Central Europe. […]

Prague beer museum Food & Drink

Prague Beer Museum: is it Stendhal syndrome or am I just drunk?

In the year 1817 the French writer Stendhal went on a journey through Italy; in Florence, while exposed to the vast amounts of incredibly beautiful art he started feeling dizzy and fainted: this sense of overwhelming by beautiful stuff has […]

Franz Kafka's is the most alienating airport News

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

I thought this was so good it deserved a post of its own via the Onion, who else?!

Top ten movies to see before visiting Prague History & Curiosities

Top 10 movies to watch before visiting Prague

While we impatiently wait for Mission Impossible IV that Tom Cruise is currently filming in Prague, here’s a list of movies that are tied to the Czech capital and would be interesting to watch before you come on visit to […]

Sporting in Prague Activities

Sporting in Prague

You might be here for a short break, your honeymoon or on a business trip, whatever your reason to stay in Prague, sporting can contribute to an alternative perspective of the city and its inhabitants. Here we suggest a few […]

Nine things you're likely to miss when you visit Prague Sightseeing

9 things you’re most likely to miss when you visit Prague

Letna park When you stroll around the center in the summertime you might begin to wonder where all the Czechs are. Well, they might just be enjoying themselves in Letna Park. Praguers go here all year round to walk dogs, […]

Nine things you didn't know about Czech Republic History & Curiosities

9 things you didn’t know about Czech Republic

Although the groundwork that lead to the invention and creation of contact lenses was done elsewhere, modern soft contact lenses were the outcome of the work of two Czechs: Drahoslav Lim and Otto Wichterle. Alberto Moravia changed his surname from […]

Top ten signs that you're in Czech Republic History & Curiosities

Top 10 signs that you’re in Czech Republic

Socks and sandals Karl Lagerfeld could have a heart attack if he saw this. They even ain’t strictly indoor or a fair weather thing: some people are so used to them that they wear them even when it rains a […]

Esoteric Prague History & Curiosities

Bewitched by Prague: an esoteric tour of the city

There must be a reason why Franz Kafka was able to bring his monsters to life here in Prague. At night, when one gets lost in the small lanes of Josefov (Prague’s Jewish quarter), it is not difficult to imagine […]

How to survive Czech food Food & Drink

On Czech food… or how to have a good pizza in Prague

Raise your hands if you would have thought of finding good Neapolitan pizza in Prague. Usually, people that come to Prague go through 3 stages with regards to food: Stage 1: Curious. You’ve just landed and you’re almost aggressively on […]

Best cocktail bar in Prague Food & Drink

The best cocktail bar in Prague

Just a short stroll from Old Town Square (Staromestska), half way on the street that leads to the surreal monument to Kafka, Tretter’s is one of the few cocktail bars in Prague and definitely deserves the first spot. The bartenders […]

Prague nicknames History & Curiosities

Prague’s nicknames

Prague is one of the most visited cities in the world, thanks to its enviable location in the heart of Europe, every year it attracts an average of 6 million tourists. From ancient times, through the communist era, to this […]

Best hot chocolate in Prague Food & Drink

The best hot chocolate in Prague

Café Louvre opened its doors in 1902; among its clients featured many celebrities such as Franz Kafka (although regarding uncle Franz I must say it’s difficult to find a place in Prague where he hasn’t been!) and Albert Einstein, both […]

Prague cubist museum Sightseeing

Prague’s cubist museum

Of all the museums in Prague, the Cubist Museum, despite its central position, is the  easiest to miss. Just a hundred meters from Old Town Square (Staromestska) the museum is hosted in the House of the Black Madonna, named after […]

Prague beer prices map Tips

The map of beer prices in Prague

We’re talking about Prague, is anybody surprised that the first post is about beer? Plzen, the town where the world famed lager beer was first produced, is only 90km from Prague. For everybody’s delight, this beer is so commonly served […]

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